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Baseball Roster

Name # Year Position Height Weight Hometown High School
Yavapai College Freshman Akoni Arriaga  Arriaga, Akoni 2 Freshman INF/RHP 6'0" 175 Maui, Hawaii Baldwin
Yavapai College Sophomore Chance Adams  Adams, Chance 3 Sophomore RHP 6'0" 190 Scottsdale, Arizona Chaparral
Yavapai College Freshman J.C. Pena  Pena, J.C. 4 Freshman INF 6'0" 185 Syracuse, New York Westhill
Yavapai College Freshman Andy Verke  Verke, Andy 5 Freshman INF 5'9" 150 Honolulu, Hawaii Kaiser
Yavapai College Freshman Cooper Goldby  Goldby, Cooper 6 Freshman C 5'9" 175 Yuba City, California Yuba City
Yavapai College Sophomore Brandon Matthews  Matthews, Brandon 7 Sophomore LHP 6'0" 190 Tucson, Arizona Ironwood Ridge
Yavapai College Freshman Andrew Hermanson  Hermanson, Andrew 8 Freshman INF 6'0" 190 Temecula, California Great Oak
Yavapai College Freshman Luke Doyle  Doyle, Luke 9 Freshman INF 6'0" 180 Phoenix, Arizona Deer Valley
Yavapai College Freshman John King  King, John 10 Freshman INF 5'9" 180 Melbourne, Australia St. Francis
Yavapai College Sophomore Logan Pollei  Pollei, Logan 11 Sophomore OF 5'9" 175 Wickenburg, Arizona Wickenburg
Yavapai College Freshman Haden Shipman  Shipman, Haden 12 Freshman RHP 5'11" 185 Avon, Indiana U of A
Yavapai College Freshman Michael Laudick  Laudick, Michael 14 Freshman LHP 5'10" 150 Parker, Colorado Ponderosa
Yavapai College Sophomore Justin McAllister  McAllister, Justin 15 Sophomore LHP 6'3" 205 Gilbert, Arizona Gilbert
Yavapai College Sophomore Will Waterman  Waterman, Will 16 Sophomore RHP 6'2" 200 Lake Oswego, Oregon Lake Oswego
Yavapai College Freshman Brody Clifford  Clifford, Brody 17 Freshman OF 5'10" 165 Prescott Valley, Arizona Bradshaw Mountain
Yavapai College Freshman Glenn Roy Pace  Pace, Glenn Roy 18 Freshman RHP 6'2" 175 Flower Mound Marcus
Yavapai College Sophomore Stephen Carabajal  Carabajal, Stephen 19 Sophomore OF/LHP 6'2" 200 Albuquerque, New Mexico Univ of New Mexico
Yavapai College Freshman Brock Hartley  Hartley, Brock 20 Freshman INF 6'3" 190 Phoenix, Arizona Pinnacle
Yavapai College Freshman Austin Paschke  Paschke, Austin 21 Freshman INF 6'4" 210 Phoenix, Arizona Mountain Ridge
Yavapai College Freshman Alexis Cruz  Cruz, Alexis 22 Freshman OF 6'0" 200 Fajardo, PR IBAHS
Yavapai College Freshman Andrew Mendoza  Mendoza, Andrew 25 Freshman RHP 6'5" 205 Lakewood, California Lakewood
Yavapai College Sophomore Nick Sagendorf  Sagendorf, Nick 26 Sophomore RHP 6'5" 220 Spokane, Washington Meade
Yavapai College Freshman Brian Schiemann  Schiemann, Brian 27 Freshman C 6'0" 185 Naperville, Illinois Naperville Central
Yavapai College Freshman Will Jones  Jones, Will 28 Freshman RHP 6'2" 190 Scottsdale, Arizona U of A
Yavapai College Freshman Colton Lee  Lee, Colton 29 Freshman RHP 6'3" 220 Kenosha, Wisconsin Mary D. Bradford
Yavapai College Sophomore Austin Orth  Orth, Austin 31 Sophomore C 6'2" 240 Fort Collins, Colorado Fort Collins
Yavapai College Sophomore Kamalu Kamoku  Kamoku, Kamalu 34 Sophomore RHP 6'1" 265 Hilo, Hawaii Moanalua