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Soccer Facilities

Ken Lindley Field

The first intercollegiate soccer match took place in 1989 when Yavapai defeated Victor Valley CC 13-0 on “guaranteed win night.” Winning streaks of 58, 56, and 39 matches are a part of this field’s legacy. Today the park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places with a seating capacity of 3000, featuring a 116 x 75 yd., grass surface. The soccer field located 5368 feet above sea level and was the site of the 2014 NJCAA Men’s Division One National Championship Tournament. Since 1908, the area of Prescott now known as Ken Lindley Field has been used as a public park and ball field. The land was deeded to the City of Prescott by Charles T. and Ada M. Joslin in 1922. In 1931, during the Great Depression, the grandstand was constructed on the corner of Gurley & Washington Streets. The grandstand is constructed of cast concrete in a vernacular style with a slight Art Deco influence. In 1934, the area surrounding the field was defined for the construction of bleachers made of native stone as a Civil Works Administration project. City Park & Ballfield was renamed Ken Lindley Field in 1971 in memory of Prescott’s Chief of Police who died in 1971. A memorial plaque for long-time groundskeeper Dewey Nelson is positioned proudly in the southwest corner of the stadium.

Mountain Valley Park

The Prescott Valley Amphitheater at Mountain Valley Park is Yavapai’s other home soccer field that opened in 1996 for the Roughriders and during one stretch, Yavapai was undefeated and untied on this 120 x 75 yard grass field for a 17-year period. This venue was the site of the 2014 NJCAA Men’s Division One National Championship Tournament and played host to the 2017 event as well.


Soccer Locker Room

The locker room building and adjacent field is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a must-see museum for Roughrider soccer fans! There are 517 individual photos of every player from Yavapai College soccer program on display. In addition, all 21 trophies from the national tournament, 63 All-America certificates, all 30 Roughrider team photos, and numerous memorabilia items (soccer balls, pictures, professional jerseys from alumni, championship ring posters & much, much more) are available for viewing. Inside the locker room, players enjoy playing table soccer and watching televised matches. A world map with pins placed in former Roughrider player’s hometowns as well as a USA map with pins on the location universities attended by former Yavapai personnel is also featured. Individual tours of the locker room are available by contacting the coaching staff. The Locker Room Tours are also available to club and high school soccer teams at no charge. The locker room is located at field level on the southwest side of Ken Lindley Field, at the corner of Gurley Street and Washington Avenue, in Prescott.

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