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Legacy Rodeo


YC Rodeo History

Daily Courier’s Story about the Yavapai College Rodeo

11/8/1969 – Rodeo Club participated in a rodeo at U of A. (Ruff-Riter 11/20/1969)

5/21/1970 – Jim Ericsson and Mike Huckeby earn first Rodeo Club letters. They each needed to earn 87 points to qualify for a letter. The student must also have competed in an event in more than half of the rodeos in his region by the NIRA. Ericsson has 275 points in bull riding and saddle bronc riding; Huckeby qualified for a letter by winning a bull ride. (Courier, 5/21/1970)

rodeo10/17-18/1970 – Dixie Richards wins first place in goat tying, breakaway roping, and won the All-Around cowgirl award and the Girls’ Team Trophy. (Courier 10/27/1970)

10/31-11/1970 – First NIRA (National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association) event in Prescott. Action took place at the old fairgrounds on Fair St. Teams were from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, U of A, Mesa Comm. College, Central Az. College, Fresno State College, Glendale Jr. College, Hartnell College, and Yavapai College. Mike Huckeby won 2nd place in bull riding. Participants were: Mike Huckeby, Dixie Richards, Fraser Jennings, Don Sloan, Ben Kimbel, Bob Curtis, Bill Conway, and Kit Wingfield [Ruff-Riter 10/21/1970]

1971 Three YC Rodeo team members (Mike Huckeby, Gary Halford, and Bill Conway) go to NIRA finals June 22-26 in Bozeman, MT. (Courier, 6/14/1971)

1972 Team Members: Roy Cooper, Andy Dobson, Chuck Rex, Kit Wingfield, Mike Sullivan, Jim Ericsson, Dixie Richards, Rhonda Stuart. (Rough Rider yearbook 1972)

1972 Four team members go to the national finals (NIRA event) in Bozeman, MT: Dixie Richards, Judy Wales, Rhonda Stuart, and Chuck “Ace” Rex (Ruff-Riter 5/10/1972)


3/18/1973 Rodeo, Clovis, CA— Jim Ericcson won saddle bronc riding. Fred King took 2nd in bull riding. Kit Wingfield won a third-fourth split in the second go of the bull dogging. 16 college team competed in the rodeo sponsored by Calif. State University at Fresno. (Courier 3/18/1973)

6/5/1973 – “Jim Ericsson is presented with the YC high-point buckle, from Frank Budd YC rodeo team advisor. Ericsson is the West Coast Regional Intercollegiate Saddle Bronc Champion. He will participate in the National Intercollegiate finals in to be held in Bozeman, Montana, June 19-25.” Courier photo caption

10/15/1973 – Annual YC Rodeo held at Fairgrounds. (Courier article and photo 10/15/1973)

1974 – Team Members Men: Bob Meredith, Tom Stuart, Davis, Wade Erickson, Ben Allen, and ? Covey; Team Members Women: Lori Norman, Karen Buntin, and Kris Covey [The Paper 10/9/74]

Week of 10/7/1974 – Proclaimed YC Rodeo Week by Mayor Vic Lytle [Courier 10/6/1974]

1975 – Team Members: Rod Lara (team captain), Brian Roberts, Marilyn Loboto, and Karen Buntin. [Ruff-Riter 11/12/1975]

11/4/1977 – West Coach Region Rodeo (recognized by National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association) at YC fairgrounds for two days. Sandy Fredrickson, Rodeo Queen, will represent YC in the barrel race, team roping and break-away. Other entries: Dave Miller, calf and team roping; Grant Holland, bucking horse; Gene Roberts, bull riding; Michele Mackelprang, goat and team roping; Brenda Pritchard, goat and team roping; Troy Hubbard, team and calf roping (Courier, 11/4/77). Participating teams: Fresno State Univ., U of A, Hartnell College of Calif., Central Az. College, Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, Merced College, Mesa Community College, Az. Western


Women of the Rodeo:

  • Dixie Richards – official rep at Modesto College Rodeo in Ca. Took All Around Cowgirl Award, Girls’ Team Trophy, First Place in Goat Tying and Breakaway Roping (Oct. 1, 1970) [Ruff-Riter 11/4/1970]
  • Ann Bombardieri and Terri Reed – YC Girls’ Team Trophy (out of 16 teams competing); Terri Reed 1st in goat roping – March 30th, 1973 in Clovis, Calif.
  • YC two-girl Rodeo team captured team trophy at Clovis CA rodeo on Mar. 9-10, 1973. Terri Reed and Ann Bombardieri won team trophy for YC. (3/18/1973 Courier)
  • 1st annual YC Rodeo held at Fairgrounds. Terri Reed took Top Cowgirl honors with high scores in goat tying and break away. (10/15/1973 [Courier + photo])
  • Photo Maria Fleming (10/17/1973 [The Paper])
  • 4/13/1973 Ann Bombardieri placed first in barrel racing

Rodeo Queens

  • Colleen Hamilton 1970 [Ruff-Riter 10/7/1970]
  • Maria Fleming 1973 [Ruff-Riter 10/13/1973]
  • Photo—[Courier] Wed Oct. 10, 1973 with her court
  • Debbie Jo Wilkins [RR 10/2/1974]
  • Sandy Frederickson [Ruff-Riter 10/26/1977]

Officers of Club

  • [10/2/1974 RR]
  • Bob Meredith – Pres., Bill Parks – V.P., Lori Norman – Sec./Treasurer, Bobbie Lovett, Publicity Director


Team Advisors

  • Mr. H. L. Hayward 1971
  • Mr. Don Lester – Business Dept. Instructor 1971
  • Dr. Del Higham 1972
  • Mr. Frank Budd 1973 [2/7/1973 Ruff-Riter]
  • Mr. Gene Hunt 1974
  • Gayle Higgs 1977


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