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2012 marked the inauguration of the Yavapai College Athletic Hall of Fame. For over 40 years, YC has fielded athletics teams. The Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding contributions to Yavapai College athletics by players, coaches, teams and contributors.

Hall of Fame Board of Directors
Athletics Director; Media Relations Director; College Member; Community Member; Roughrider Club member

All members of the selection committee must approve candidates. No more than three nominees may be elected to the Hall of Fame in a single year. There is no limit, however, to the number of times an individual may be considered. In exceptional cases, the above requirements may be waived by a unanimous vote of the committee.

Athletes: Must have completed junior college eligibility at least five years prior to selection, with at least two years of competition (except in exceptional cases, the two years of competition my be waived by unanimous vote of the committee). Desirable qualifications include: NJCAA champion, All-America recognition, Olympic participant, world or conference record setter, all-conference selection, scholar-athlete achievement, amateur athletic eligibility and/or comparable achievements/standards of previous hall of fame inductees. Nominees must also have served as a positive ambassador for the College.

Coaches: Must have coached at least five (5) years at YC with final season completed at least five years prior to selection. Coaches currently on staff are eligible for nomination after 10 years of continuous employment. Won-loss records, national championships, conference championships, contributions to the sport on a state, regional or national level, recognition by peers (i.e. Coach of the Year, etc.) and achievement in public life are desirable qualifications.

YC Support Staff:
Desirable qualifications include contributions to the field of intercollegiate, interscholastic or professional sports, and achievement in public life.

Team: Must have completed intercollegiate season at least five years prior to selection. Desirable qualifications must include: Conference championship, national ranking or recognition and individual honors and/or comparable achievements/standards of previous hall of fame inducted teams.

Contributor: An award to recognize an extraordinary contribution or achievement by someone on behalf of Yavapai College.

2012 Inductees

Don Hanna, Baseball (1973-75)

1974 – 7-2
Team finished 33-9-1
1975 – 17-1
1st Team All-ACCAC
1st Team All-Southwest Region Team
1st Team NJCAA All-American (First Yavapai All-American)
NJCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Pitcher
NJCAA All-Tournament Team
Team Won the ACCAC Title
Team Won the NJCAA Region Title
Team Won the NJCAA National Title (40-9)
Records – Most Innings pitched season – 128 2/3
Most Wins in Season – 17
Most Wins in Career – 24-3
No hitter – 4/30/75 vs. AWC – 10-0

Celeste Taylor, Basketball and Volleyball (1994-96)

1994 – 1st Team All-ACCAC
1st Team All-Region I
1995 – 1st Team All-ACCAC
1st Team All-Region I
ACCAC Player of the Year
1st Team NJCAA All-American
NJCAA Female Athlete of the Year
1994-95 - 1st Team All-ACCAC
ACCAC Freshman of the Year
ACCAC Player of the Year
1st Team NJCAA All-Region I
1st Team NJCAA All-American
Team won ACCAC Championship (29-3)
1995-96 - 1st Team All-ACCAC
1st Team NJCAA All-Region I
3rd Team NJCAA All-American
Team won the NJCAA Region I Title (29-4)
Records - Most Rebounds Game – 29
Most Rebounds Career – 611
Most Steals Career – 197

Craig Pitcher, Contributor

Long time baseball scorekeeper
Kept the scorebook for 4 YC coaches – Rod Soesbe, Dave Dangler, Nino Giarratano and Sky Smeltzer

2013 Inductees

Gary Ward

Gary Ward (Baseball) – 1971-77
First head baseball coach for Yavapai College

240-83 (.743)
1975 NJCAA National Coach of the Year
1977 NJCAA National Coach of the Year
1975 ACCAC Championship
1975 NJCAA Region I Championship
1975 NJCAA National Champions
1977 ACCAC Championship
1977 NJCAA Region I Championship
1977 NJCAA National Champions

Dave Brown

Dave Brown (Basketball Coach and Athletic Director) – 1970-1982

284-119 Men’s Basketball (.704)
35-13 Women’s Basketball (.729)
1981-82 NJCAA Men’s Basketball Region I Champions
4th place finish at the NJCAA National Tournament
1982-83 NJCAA Region I Women’s Basketball Champions
1982-83 ACCAC Coach of the Year
1982-83 NJCAA Region I Coach of the Year
1982-83 ACCAC Athletic Director of the Year
15 Post-Season Appearances

1975 Baseball Team

1975 Baseball Team (40-9, 20-6)
National Champions
1st National Championship Team at Yavapai College

Steve Blair
John Emmett
Bruce Ferguson
Eric Frey
Ted Grafton
Don G. Hanna
George Hawley
Ed Hernandez
Steve Higgins
Dave Holliday
Don LeJohn
Jaime Lopez
Steve Morrison
Larry Moser
Jesse Parra
Dan Rees
Ed Ribera
Joe Romero
Jim Schwanke
Gary Skow
Bill Whittington
Allen Witkowski

Head Coach: Gary Ward
Assistant Coach: Jim McKaskle