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Student-Athletes Excel In Classroom

June 18th, 2013 » filed under: General News, Top Story

Tuesday, the NJCAA announced the All-Academic Teams and the Academic Student-Athlete Awards for the 2012-13 academic year.

The Roughriders soccer team was honored as an NJCAA All-Academic Team finishing the year with an impressive 3.10 team grade point average. The Roughrider softball team also garnered the All-Academic Team title with a 3.03 team GPA.

Furthermore, four Roughrider athletes received Academic Student-Athlete Awards. The NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards were previously known as NJCAA Academic All-American honors. To be eligible, student-athletes must have completed 3 semesters of collegiate work. The NJCAA has renamed its academic awards program to the following:

NJCAA Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence (4.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale)
NJCAA Award for Superior Academic Achievement (3.80 to 3.99 on a 4.00 scale)
NJCAA Award for Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.60 to 3.79 on a 4.00 scale)

Roughrider soccer player Sam Cusack earned the award for Superior Academic Achievement with a GPA of 3.86.

Roughrider soccer player Rysen Barnett earned the award for Exemplary Academic Achievement with a GPA of 3.77.

Roughrider softball player Kasey Oliver earned the award for Exemplary Academic Achievement with a GPA of 3.68.

Roughrider baseball player Drew Turbin earned the award for Exemplary Academic Achievement with a GPA of 3.60.

For the school year, 3 Roughrider teams finished the academic year with a 3.0 or higher and as a department, the athletic teams finished with a 2.88 overall GPA.

Twenty-three of sixty-six student-athletes earned a 3.0 or higher for the full academic year making the 2012-13 Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. Those students are:

* Drew Turbin – Baseball
Sam Cusack – Soccer
Becca Long – Vollebyall
Rysen Barnett – Soccer
Gouedan Halley – Soccer
Krysthian Leal – Baseball
Kasey Oliver – Softball
Libby Ary – Volleyball
Brandi Heimburg – Softball
Valerie Luera – Softball
Ryan Petersen – Baseball
Sarah Thompson – Softball
Kyle Morris – Soccer
Will Waterman – Baseball
Jade Yost – Softball
Spencer Applebach – Baseball
Hannah Hill – Volleyball/Softball
Nicholas Sagendorf – Baseball
Stephen Carbajal – Baseball
Brooke Eifert-Pancamo – Softball
Albert Larson – Soccer
Jasmine Solley – Volleyball
Kyle Toth – Baseball

* Denotes 4.0