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Soccer Article: Daily Courier

September 23rd, 2012 » filed under: Soccer News

Column: Best YC soccer team ever

Steve Stockmar
Sports Editor
Daily Courier


There’s nothing hard to like about the 2012 Yavapai College men’s soccer team. The offense: 51 goals in 10 games. The defense: zero goals allowed on the road.

There’s a long way to go until November’s national tournament in Georgia. (Reminder: the NJCAA men’s soccer national tournament will be in Prescott for the first time in 2014.) In the meantime, the practices, the road trips, the wins, the cluster-goals, the nights with zero saves for the keeper. It all adds up.

As former Courier Sports Editor Dan Beeson once said, picking your favorite of Yavapai’s runs to a title is like picking a favorite Beatles album. Each team, each run, each test, each character makes it tough to compare teams in a sense.

I’m into the ’97 team. Kevin Jeffrey’s wild moves, out-in-the-open speed, positive motivation – not to mention his sparkling shoes – were pretty hard to beat. Matt Kirkpatrick – the European futbol Dirk Nowitzki of his time – working schemes during play like Peyton Manning before a snap. All-American Kelvin Jack in goal. I once heard Kelvin, in his Trinidadian accent, during a game clap and encourage his team from the keeper box and shout “Keep on truckin!!”. Heck, I was ready to check in myself.

That club won the school’s third national title, finished 23-0-1, and didn’t allow a single goal in the playoffs that year, which is still a program record.

Beat that.