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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Staff

YC Staff Picture
Terra Schmidt, ATC

Jared Campbell, MEd, ATC

Dr Burchfield pic
Dr. Dan Burchfield
Yavapai College’s team physician, Dr. Daniel Burchfield practices orthopedics as a founding partner of Orthopedic Specialists of Central Arizona, 928-778-9250. His office is located at The Crossings, on North Willow Lake Road in Prescott.

Visiting Team Information

As a Sports Medicine Staff we are happy to assist your athletes, and will treat visiting athletes with prior arrangements made with our sports medicine staff.
• Athletic Training Room
• Building 2, Room 131
• 10am-4pm, Monday through Friday
• With the exception of competitions
Google map to Yavapai College
Campus Map
Our local hospital, Yavapai Regional Medical Center, is within a few minutes drive.

Student Athletes

You must print, complete and submit the appropriate forms. All applicable forms need to be filled out completely, accurately, and returned to the Sports Medicine staff the week before the first day of practice/conditioning, your eligibility depends upon it.

Athletic Trainers in Arizona practice under the guidance of either a DO or MD. Therefore, we do NOT accept athletic physicals at Yavapai College that are NOT signed by either a DO or MD. This means, if your physical is signed or completed by a NP, PA or any other health care professional, it must also be signed by a DO or MD. This includes walk in clinics and we do NOT accept physicals from Chiropractors.

It may be in your best interest to call ahead of your appointment to make sure there is a DO or MD to sign your physical.

Physical / Insurance Packet

Athletic Insurance
Currently Yavapai Colleges’ insurance for athletic injuries is a secondary policy. That means that it acts as a backup to an athletes’ insurance, if they have it. For example if there was an injury that incurred 1000.00 dollars worth of medical bills, these bills would be submitted to the athletes’ insurance first.
Any residual balance would then be forwarded to Yavapai Colleges’ (YC) insurance, after YC has paid a 250.00 deductible. YCs insurance would then process the claim and pay what they consider usual and customary expenses. If the athlete does not have any insurance then the bill would be submitted to our insurance, after we have paid the 250.00 deductible, and they would determine and pay the usual and customary expenses. After YC’s insurance has pain the athlete is responsible for the remainder of the bill.

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